Are You Connected? Get Jobs and Food information by Text, Twit, or Email

To keep Parkside residents informed about jobs, food give-a-way, volunteer opportunities and more, Friends Of Parkside has developed the ParksideConnected! Project. The Parkside Connected allows FOP to send TVP residents text and email messages about things going on in the community. To sign up for the ParksideConnected! Project, send a text message or email to with your name, phone number, and carrier or call FOP at 313.822.0311, or stop by the FOP office and fill out the ParksideConnected! sign up form. You can now follow us on Twitter@friendsParkside.




Download ParksideConnected! Enrollment Form

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Friends Of Parkside

Friends Of Parkside (FOP)             Detroit, Michigan

The Friends of Parkside (FOP) is a 501(c)(3),  not-for profit, community-based organization located on Detroit’s east side in the Villages at Parkside, formerly Parkside Homes, a public housing complex. FOP was incorporated in March of 1991. FOP has up to a 15-member board of Directors consisting of Parkside residents, and representatives from community-based organizations, agencies, and institutions.

Friends Of Parkside Mission/Approach/Philosophy

FOP is dedicated to the betterment of the Parkside Community. It is committed to working with all residents, organizations, institutions, and businesses on Detroit’s east side. FOP approach is to provide information and action forums for residents of Parkside Homes and their surrounding neighbors so that together they can begin to address those issues that adversely affect their lives.  FOP believes that whatever happens in or around Parkside Homes affects each of us, and that by working together residents can change things for the better.

Friends Of Parkside Goals

  • A healthy, drug-free, and safe Parkside Community, especially for pregnant women, infants, and youth.
  • An informed and knowledgeable community willing to work together to address issues that threatens the quality of life in the Parkside Community.
  • Gainful employment, businesses, and personal growth opportunities in the Parkside Community.
  • Families and individuals committed to improving the community.

The Community Friends Of Parkside Serves

Friends of Parkside is willing to work with all residents, organizations, institutions, and businesses on Detroit’s east side to achieve its mission and goals. FOP primary focus area is the Parkside Community, which is bounded by Ford Freeway (I-94) on the north, East Forest on the south St. Jean on the west,  and Alter Road on the east.

FOP Programs & Projects (Partial list)

-Bright Futures Youth Program (BFYP)
-Parkside Academic Sports Teams project (PAST)
-Parkside Computer Learning Center
-Parkside Connected!
-Monthly Food Distribution
-Annual Dear Santa/Gift Day Project

For more info, please call 313.822.0311 or

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Be A Parkside Santa Helper


Since 1995, the Friends Of Parkside (FOP) has sponsored its Annual Parkside Christmas Gift Day most commonly known as our Dear Santa Helper project to help provide children in the Villages at Parkside, formerly Parkside Homes, a public housing complex, with a Merry Christmas.


Every year, FOP staff recruits caring people like you to be Santa Helpers to make a Parkside child’s Christmas wish come true. Santa Helpers come from all over Michigan and the United States and from all walks of life. Over the years, Santa Helpers have come from places as far as Boston, Texas, Seattle, and Iowa. Past Santa Helpers include University of Michigan faculty, employees, and students’ groups, Henry Ford Hospital, and Cub Scout Pack 34.


Parkside children age 5 to 13 fill out a “Dear Santa Helper” online form letter telling the Santa Helper their name, age, grade, up to three items they want most for Christmas, and the reason why. Also, this year, the Dear Santa Helper Project has been extended to fifteen children who are residents of the Detroit Housing Commission.

The Santa Helper reads the children’s letters and picks the child he or she would like to adopt for Christmas. The Santa Helper buys at least one of the three gifts and either deliver it or has it shipped to FOP offices. In some cases, the Santa Helper makes a cash donation. Christmas gifts are due the week of December 13th. If more time is needed, please let us know. We will distribute the gifts to the families as they arrive. In mid-January 2022, the Santa Helper receives a thank you letter from the child and parent and a picture of the child with the gift(s). This year, parents and children have the option to include a short thank you video with their thank you letter and picture. To read past Dear Santa Helper Helpers Thank You letters and photos see below.

Currently, we have received 53 Dear Santa Helper letters.


Yes!! Friends of Parkside is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. Also, we are registered with the Michigan Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Section – Registration# 61299.


To adopt a Parkside child or to make a donation, please visit Go to the top of this page and you can select a child by gender, age, grade, or make a donation. If your business or organization would like to adopt 5 or more children, or for more information, please call Latesa or Zachary at 313.822.0311 or email

This is a project of Friends Of Parkside (FOP) in partnership with the TVP Residents Council.

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If you are a Kroger shopper, please link your Kroger rewards card to Friends Of Parkside (LG006). We will receive a small donation from Kroger every time you use your Kroger reward card.

To Use the Kroger Community Rewards Program (link your card):

Simply visit

1. Log into your Kroger account (if you don’t have an account, just create an account – you will need an email address and a Kroger Rewards Card)

2. Search for Friends of Parkside or LG006

3. Then click Enroll

Please share and encourage your friends to link their Kroger rewards card to Friends Of Parkside too.

*Keep in the mind that the more you shop at Kroger, the more money Friends Of Parkside will earn!*

Thank you.


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FOP’S Launch Parkside Resource Pilot Project

Due to the problems caused by the Coronavirus disease, the Friends Of Parkside has received a grant from the United Way Community Services to work with individuals and organizations to provide support and resources to The Villages at Parkside (TVP) residents.

To complete an application, please go to Application for Resources

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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed @ Friends of Parkside

Friends Of Parkside is looking for volunteers to assist with its various programs and projects. If you are interested or have questions, please call 313.822.0311.


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